‘THE DROP’ is a new album by ‘URBAND SOUL’

‘EP THE DROP’ was released through RKB Music on 25TH JANUARY 2015. ‘THE DROP’ is the first album of a larger body of work. The concept of the project is to create several volumes of music with a common theme and approach, using different artists from around the world.


The first release, is a collaboration with English rapper « ENJI El » whose involvement with the « 3rd Stream », a Uk rapper collective in London, saw an outlet for inspiration by an array of cool music, from Marvin Gaye in the early years, and later from finding roots with The Fugees and Damian Marley. A voice and style of his own, Enji combines the soul of musical history with a smooth flow of cutting edge ideas. In teaming up with Rkb, they have together made a master album simply called « The Drop ».

URBAND SOUL are currently a London based Hip Hop group, before arriving in the UK, Urband Soul was founded in France in inspiration of music sharing common roots. Rkb is the brains behind the beats, starting this project with the idea that a mixture of style, gender and culture will create colourful collaborations leading to a new and unique sound.

Developing these tracks through the exploration of multiple worlds of music, Urband Soul are breaking the conventional to bring you an eclectic and harmonious blend of Hip Hop, Soul, R & B and Reggae. Characterised by their individual sound, and grounded by the unique perspective and freshness of Enji’s vocal and lyrical content, Urband Soul defy characterisation, guided by one key word « groove ».

‘THE DROP’ may well be one of the best collection of pure music-making that you’ll hear coming out of the UK this year.

This project is in full evolution. Future collaborations are already being discussed, linking people, music and good energy, for a new record, produced in Jamaica, named « back to the roots », Urband soul is going to surprise you once again.



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